The Power of a Good Question w/ Scott McElvain

The art of questioning is a foundational pillar of education, serving as a vehicle for learning, guiding, and elevating both educators and learners alike. For those committed to the principles of Classical Christian Education, it is imperative to reflect upon the kinds of questions that parents, educators, and administrators ought to be posing to their pupils. In this regard, Scott McElvain, the co-founder of the esteemed Classical Thistle and Assistant Dean of the Lab School at the School of the Ozark in Point Lookout, MO, expounds upon the potency of questions in a stimulating conversation with Davies Owens. Moreover, the discussion illuminates how one might use St. Ignacius’ “Examen” method to create a sacred liturgy within the quotidian rhythms and rituals of daily life. Lastly, McElvain elucidates how one might incorporate catechesis into morning car rides by utilizing the New City Catechism.

Biography: Scott McElvain

Scott is Assistant Dean of the Lab School at School of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO. He married his wife, Nichole, in 2013 and they have three wonderful children; Hudson, Boone, and Winston June.

Scott has a B.S. from College of the Ozarks, a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Evangel University, and an Ed.D. in Christian Leadership Education from Regent University. Scott loves a clean excel document, quiet browsing among great books, KU basketball, and spending time at the creek with his family. Scott is co-founder of The Classical Thistle where he also serves as site administrator and author.

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