The Power of Rhetoric: What you say and who you are? ~ Chris Maiocca

Politicians and advocates appeal to hearts and minds, but are their ideas and ethics worth following? Students in Classical Christian Schools learn that Rhetoric is more than a tool to get your way…and that speech must emanate from the heart. In this episode, Chris Maiocca shares practical tips to teach students this worthy “life skill”. As the Instructor of Scripture, Classical Rhetoric, and Senior Thesis at The Ambrose School in Boise, ID, he explains how Rhetoric is so much more than just “public speaking”. Teachers and parents, listen in to learn how to bolster your Rhetoric program in your Classical Christian school…or even at home. In fact, you can create an engaging little Athens for children wherever you go. Get ready to be persuaded!


Christopher Maiocca attended Northeastern University, Boston College, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. His graduation thesis at Gordon-Conwell was “Semper Reformanda: Martin Luther’s View of Classical Christian Education.” This work was subsequently published in the book, C’est Bon, Essays in Honor of Dr. Kenneth Kush, and in Classis Quarterly Journal. Christopher has worked at several classical schools over the last fifteen years. Currently he teaches Scripture, Classical Rhetoric, and Senior Thesis at The Ambrose School in Boise, ID. He is also the Series Editor of the eight volume work Humanitias: A History of Western Civilization, forthcoming from Classical Academic Press. Christopher has been married for almost eighteen years, has four children (all attending Ambrose) and, in his spare time, devotes any remaining energy to the study and practice of regenerative farming. He can be reached at