An Unexpected Journey into Classical Christian Education – Keith Nix

Ever feel like you walked in late to the movie when it comes to understanding this CCE thing? Does it seem like everyone else is getting it and you are playing catch up? My guest today, Mr. Keith Nix, like many of us went from being a public school veteran, completely unaware of CCE, to one of the leaders in the movement. You will want to hear his story.

Mr. Keith Nix

Along with serving as the Head of School at Veritas School since 2010, Mr. Nix serves as the Chairman for the Society for Classical Learning. He also serves on the board of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS) and has served on the Board of the Virginia Council for Private Education since 2013. Prior to moving to Veritas in 2010, Keith was a board member, and then later Head of School at The Westminster School in Birmingham, Alabama from 2004 – 2010. He is a founding Arête Fellow and has facilitated the Arete Fellowship gatherings since 2009. He frequently consults with classical Christian school boards and leaders. Prior to working in classical Christian schools, Keith was President of Nixgroup, a boutique consulting firm working with start-up and early stage organizations and businesses. Mr. Nix plays tennis competitively, hopes to improve his golf game, and loves to read great books. He is married to Kim, an accomplished artist; the Nixes have two grown sons and a daughter in college.