What Does It Mean to Bear the Image of God in Everyday Life? with Lauren McAfee

Episode Summary:

This episode focuses on an often overlooked topic: the image of God and how to apply it to daily life. Davies interviews Lauren McAfee, who shares her personal journey and discusses how her family’s involvement in the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case influenced her interest in the image of God. Next, Davies and Lauren dive into the fundamental insights of her book, featuring contributions from Christian scholars. The book explores applying the concept of the image of God to contemporary issues like women’s reproductive health, race, and technology. The book aims to deepen the theological and ethical understanding of the Imago Dei. Additionally, Lauren discusses the impact of understanding one’s identity as an image bearer on individual well-being and societal interactions, highlighting the increasing complexities of navigating this understanding amidst contemporary culture wars. Finally, Lauren and Davies explore practical strategies for integrating the concept of being image bearers into everyday life, illustrating how it can positively impact parenting approaches, educational practices, and interactions within diverse cultural settings.

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