Writing Future Great Books w/ Dustin Leimgruber

His book review says it all – “In a world of 280-character social media posts, we desperately need to cultivate again our holy imaginations through good reading, especially with our children.” In The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium, author Dustin Leimgruber writes a new inspirational work of fiction in the tradition of Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. Dustin joins me in this episode for a conversation on his new book and a discussion on the essential need for reading and writing new works to captivate and form us as adults and the next generation by offering an appealing, soul-forming alternative to the digital distractions in our midst.

Dustin Leimgruber is the author of The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium, the first in a planned series of middle grade fantasy novels. It is the ideal read aloud story for the whole family, and an enchanting solo read for adults who love classics like The Chronicles of Narnia.

When he’s not writing classic tales, he is teaching at the Three Oaks Christian School in Decatur, Indiana.He lives in the middle of cornfields with the wife of his youth and five children.