Classical Christian

Exploring the Terms: Classical, Liberal Arts, Humanities… With Dr. Chris Schlect

In recent decades, classical education has experienced significant growth both in the U.S. and globally. This educational approach takes various forms, including traditional five-day programs, hybrid/collaborative models, and homeschooling. Alongside these formats, a flurry of terms like “classical Christian,” “Christian classical,” “classical liberal arts,” and “humanities education” have emerged. Understanding and distinguishing among these options…

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How Music and Arts Transform School and Home with Preston Atwood

St. Augustine famously remarked that “to sing is to pray twice.” Music and arts play vital roles in our daily lives and are essential components of any classical Christian school or home. However, engaging meaningfully with traditional forms of music, as well as with worship through prayer and Scripture, can be challenging—especially if we don’t…

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A Conversation with my Daughter

Navigating the twists and turns of parenting and education can be daunting, but imagine the beauty of seeing those efforts bloom in one’s own child. As Davies Owens sat down with his daughter Hannah, they traversed the memories of her classical Christian education, the values it instilled, and the indelible mark it left as she…

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