A Reason to Hope w/ Latest Barna Group Research

In this thought-provoking  episode, Savannah Kimberlin, the Associate Vice President of Church Engagement at Barna Group, delves into the challenges that Gen Z, parents, and educators are facing in today’s society. With Gen Z growing up in a “pressure cooker” environment, there is immense internal and external pressure on them to be perfect, which has led to declining faith and mental health issues. However, Kimberlin highlights that despite these challenges, Gen Z is seeking truth and purpose, and Christian leaders can guide them in their spiritual journey by being honest and authentic with children, facilitating discussions, maintaining appropriate boundaries, and being patient.

Biography: Savannah Kimberlin

Savannah serves as the Associate Vice President of Church Engagement at Barna. Savannah loves facilitating Barna’s mission to provide the Church with knowledge to navigate a changing world through consulting services, CoLab learning cohorts and research efforts. She is passionate about taking Barna’s research and synthesizing it into helpful, actionable insights for Christian leaders.

As a certified data miner and predictive modeler, Savannah specializes in advanced analytics. Prior to her time at Barna, she worked in the big data and software development spaces.

She earned her B.S. in Mathematics from Samford University and her M.S. in Decision Analytics from the University of Alabama. Savannah currently lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband Josh and her daughter Zoe