Barna Group

Partnering with the Church w/ Savannah Kimberlin

In this episode of Basecamp Live, host Davies Owens is joined by Savannah Kimberlin from the Barna Group to discuss the unique opportunities and challenges facing the church today. They explore the importance of collaboration between the church, school, and home in raising the next generation. They also delve into the role of classical Christian…

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A Reason to Hope w/ Latest Barna Group Research

In this thought-provoking  episode, Savannah Kimberlin, the Associate Vice President of Church Engagement at Barna Group, delves into the challenges that Gen Z, parents, and educators are facing in today’s society. With Gen Z growing up in a “pressure cooker” environment, there is immense internal and external pressure on them to be perfect, which has…

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The State of Culture and Education w/ David Kinnaman

For the past 40+ years the Barna Group has been leading the way in researching the latest trends impacting our churches, schools, and homes. In this unique episode, you’ll get to hear from David Kinnaman, CEO of the Barna group, directly. During the short interview, we cover topics ranging from the latest research on Gen…

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