Anxiety Free Learning and Living

Modern education is an education in anxiety. Teaching has largely become a technical trade designed to instill efficiently in students a volume of information so that students will prove their knowledge using quantifiable testing data. And most school days are made up of rapid fire classes of often disconnected subjects. Most students today end up with fully loaded afternoons of rushing to practices or music lessons concluding with a full night of homework. Check lists and economic pressures have made what was once an enjoyable experience of “joyful discovery” into a frantic process of cramming, testing and all too often, forgetting. Is it possible to regain more of a contemplative life and educational experience in the midst of a modern world? Yes! Chris Perrin shares how.


Chris Perrin

Chris Perrin has been a part of the classical education movement since 1996: first as a headmaster (and Latin teacher) of a classical Christian school in Pennsylvania and then as a publisher, author, and consultant with Classical Academic Press.

Mr. Perrin also serves as Vice Chair of the Society for Classical Learning , an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting classical Christian education in the U.S. and abroad.

Director of the Alcuin Fellowship, Chris leads a fellowship of educators committed to the renewal of classical education by means of writing, publishing, training and hosting educator retreats.