Beyond Digital Natives: Fostering Depth in the Classroom w/ Dr. David Diener

Episode Summary:
In this episode of BaseCamp Live, Davies and Dr. David Diener discuss how technology has changed education and why classical education is important for this cultural moment. Dr. Diener emphasizes that classical education plays a crucial role in fostering critical thinking and adaptability, essential skills for navigating the complexities of the modern age. In critiquing the profit-driven use of technology in education, he highlights the significance of purposeful and intentional technology integration to shape well-rounded individuals. This episode will undoubtedly disrupt the conventional approach of schools that promote dependency on technology and underscore the critical need to cultivate independent and analytical minds in this digital age.

About Dr. Diener:

Dr. David Diener, originally from northern Michigan and northeast Ohio, began his academic journey at Wheaton College, earning a degree in Philosophy and Ancient Languages. After serving as a missionary in Bogotá, Colombia, he pursued graduate studies at Indiana University, achieving multiple degrees including a dual PhD in Philosophy and Philosophy of Education. With fifteen years in K-12 private education, he now teaches at Hillsdale College, is actively involved in various educational organizations, and has authored works on philosophy and education. An avid outdoorsman and family man, he enjoys outdoor activities, music, and spending time with his wife and four children.

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