Elementary Is Not Enough – How A Classical High School BEST Prepares Kids For College

Some folks figure that K-8 classical Christian education is a good enough foundation and that their kids need a dose of the real world in high school to get ready for college. Veteran Head of School Matt Skinner makes a convincing case for why the last four years before college are the most important to be in a classical school.

In a city of 6 million with more than 100 private schools, why launch a classical Christian high school among so many options, many of which have almost a century of experience educating children?

Years ago, Matt Skinner left the world of professional sports and business to become a Head of School. He now serves Heritage Preparatory School in Atlanta, Ga. After years of leading and knowing the critical nature of the high school years, he is now putting his efforts into launching a classical Christian high school in Georgia. He knows the imperative need to raise a generation who loves the true, good and beautiful and who can confidently thrive in an ever-changing and toxic world.

Want to hear more? Be sure to listen to Part 2 (THE BACKSIDE) as Matt and Davies discuss some of the common objections parents have about keeping their kids in a classical Christian school through high school.