Creating Cultural Excellence in Schools and Homes with Dr. David Stanton

Unlock the secrets to cultivating an impactful school and home culture that leaves a lasting impression on the next generation. Join us in our enlightening conversation with Dr. David Stanton, the Headmaster of Oakdale Academy. Fueled by his military background and his passion for classical Christian education, Dr. Stanton shares his guidance on shaping an engaging and healthy culture in both schools and homes.

Engage with us as we navigate the importance of creating a sense of belonging and excellence, highlighting how to foster partnerships between families and schools, and the role of leadership in sculpting the cultural framework. We also touch on the critical place of prayer in cultivating a nourishing culture at school and home.

Our exchange with Dr. David Stanton further reveals how schools can guide parents, the significance of peer mentorship, and the vital role fathers play in bolstering a culture of support. We shed light on the concept of parent partnerships, aligning parental values with those of the school, and the influence of prayer in preserving culture. Join us in this enriching dialogue about fostering a robust school culture that strengthens community bonds and propels the future generation towards success.

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Biography: Dr. David Stanton

Dr. Stanton serves as Headmaster of Oakdale Academy.  His passion for Classical Christian education and for committing Oakdale’s Mission, students, staff, and families to the Lord are his highest priorities. 

He brings experience from both private and public education in teaching and leadership roles over the past two and a half decades.

During his career, Dr. Stanton served at a traditional Christian school, teaching history courses and Old Testament.  From there, he spent 17 years in a public school district teaching a variety of history and French courses and then serving as an administrator at the middle school level.

Dr. Stanton retired with over twenty-one years of honorable service in the United States Navy, having achieved the rank of Commander.  During his time, he served in a variety of units supporting US European Command, Office of Naval Intelligence, and US Central Command.  He was deployed two times – to Afghanistan and to Bahrain.  He commanded a European Command unit just prior to retirement.  His personal decorations include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, and other personal awards and numerous joint, unit, and campaign awards.


His educational background includes:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Hillsdale College
  • Master of Arts, Central Michigan University
  • Education Specialist (Ed.S.), Liberty University
  • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Liberty University
  • Diploma (Joint Professional Military Education), US Naval War College
  • Diploma (Combined Joint Warfighting School), Joint Forces Staff College
  • Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Liberty University (currently enrolled)