A Conversation with my Daughter

Navigating the twists and turns of parenting and education can be daunting, but imagine the beauty of seeing those efforts bloom in one’s own child. As Davies Owens sat down with his daughter Hannah, they traversed the memories of her classical Christian education, the values it instilled, and the indelible mark it left as she…

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Wisdom & Eloquence for Today’s Parents with Robert Littlejohn

Discover the secrets to fostering wisdom and eloquence in the next generation as we engage with Dr. Robert Littlejohn, whose book “Wisdom and Eloquence” remains a cornerstone in educational leadership after 17 years. Prepare to be enlightened by Dr. Littlejohn’s profound insights on how we can raise compassionate thinkers in a world that’s rapidly changing….

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Creating Cultural Excellence in Schools and Homes with Dr. David Stanton

Unlock the secrets to cultivating an impactful school and home culture that leaves a lasting impression on the next generation. Join us in our enlightening conversation with Dr. David Stanton, the Headmaster of Oakdale Academy. Fueled by his military background and his passion for classical Christian education, Dr. Stanton shares his guidance on shaping an…

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