How do we form a human soul? What Charlotte Mason knew about the art of education.

How do we make education a joyful discovery? Is it knowledge alone or do relationships have something to do with it? What kind of relationship does your child have with history, with their siblings, with math, with their teacher? If relationships are important, how do we shape the affections of what our children love? Perhaps the environment we create, and what we celebrate or criticize can have a huge impact. Learn more about what Charlotte Mason knew about children and how they learn as we welcome Bill St. Cyr, founder of Ambleside Schools. Listen in…

Charlotte MasonThe unifying concern of Bill St. Cyr’s academic and professional life has been the process by which men and women grow to a maturity which reflects the person of Jesus. He holds a BA in political philosophy from Louisiana State University, an MA in historical theology and spirituality from Catholic University of America, and an MS/PhD in pastoral counseling from Loyola University Maryland. Bill has served as a youth minister, led a discipleship ministry on Capitol Hill, assisted the chaplain of the United States Senate, and spent thousands of hours counseling committed believers whose lives have been something less than love, joy, peace, patience, and kindness. In 2000, Bill’s wife, Maryellen, founded Ambleside of Fredericksburg. Located in the Texas hill country, this school is dedicated to providing an education shaped by the principles of Jesus and the pedagogical insights of British educator, Charlotte Mason. Since 2001, Bill has partnered with Maryellen to foster a reformation in education.

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