Charlotte Mason

What Motivates You (And Your Children?) w/ Jason Barney

In this episode of Basecamp Live, Davies Owens interviews Jason Barney to discuss how to motivate our children and students effectively. The ‘carrot and stick’ approach is all too common, but can lead to burnout. This begs the question: are there good alternatives? Jason explores the relationship between our children and students and affections, and…

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Education is 99% Habits and 1% Knowledge

Classical Christian parents and educators are fond of saying “education is more than information – it is formation”… but what does formation really look like in a practical way? 100 years ago British educator Charlotte Mason wrote on how affections and habits are formed, noting what neuroscientists are now claiming as a new discovery! Our…

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How do we form a human soul? What Charlotte Mason knew about the art of education.

How do we make education a joyful discovery? Is it knowledge alone or do relationships have something to do with it? What kind of relationship does your child have with history, with their siblings, with math, with their teacher? If relationships are important, how do we shape the affections of what our children love? Perhaps…

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