The House Program: The Heartbeat of Classical Christian Schools ~ Jordan Tucker

Far and away, what area of a classical Christian school most influences a school culture? Our guests today share the stunning answer…a thriving House Program!  As Jordan Tucker, a House Governor for six years, says the House Program is “the heartbeat of our school.” While students don’t wear funny robes or hats like in the movies, they are unified in ways that make the House experience one-of-a-kind and transformative for both the school body and the wider community. If you don’t have a House Program, you will want one after hearing this episode. Listen in to hear why House is “the best way to drive culture in our community” and how you can start a House Program today at your school!

houseJordan Tucker serves as the 7th Grade humanities teacher, theology teacher and House Governor at The Ambrose School in Boise, Idaho. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Philosophy from Northwest University. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in English, Rhetoric and Composition at Boise State University. He and his wife, Ariel, are the proud parents of their infant son, Titus. As House Governor, Mr. Tucker receives an email a week from schools across the country interested in starting a House Program.

Emma Clausen is a senior at The Ambrose School and the president of the Tennent House.


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