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The House Program: The Heartbeat of Classical Christian Schools ~ Jordan Tucker

Far and away, what area of a classical Christian school most influences a school culture? Our guests today share the stunning answer…a thriving House Program!  As Jordan Tucker, a House Governor for six years, says the House Program is “the heartbeat of our school.” While students don’t wear funny robes or hats like in the…

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16,000 Hours Later – Two Seniors Survived to Tell the Tale

Across the nation more than 7,000 high school students drop out of school each day, but for those who do make it to graduation day, what is the result of more than 16,000 hours of school since Kindergarten? Students spend more time in school than in any other activity. Is it worth it? Hear from…

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Why your student should go to a classical Christian high school

A child today will spend some 16,000 hours in school between Kindergarten and their graduation. How should that time be spent to prepare a child for the “real world?” Learning the latest greatest technology that will be obsolete by graduation only sets them up to fail and to misunderstand what skills are truly necessary for…

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