How Beauty Informs Truth and Goodness For Classical Christian Students ~ Nick Duncan

Episode Notes:

Most classical Christian educators talk about truth and goodness. But when it comes to beauty it seems as though it’s not as critical or practical. At most, it’s an excuse to put some nice artwork on the wall. Yet, when properly understood, beauty can be an antidote to much of the rising anxiety so prevalent in our culture. Even more, it is the door to understand truth and goodness. If we want to raise a generation to love what God loves then we need to figure out where beauty fits in to everyday life. Nick Duncan, a former professional chef and the 10th Grade Humanities Instructor at the Ambrose School in Meridan, Idaho, shares some of his own discoveries about beauty that will transform your school and home.


Nick Duncan received a BBA in Entrepreneurship Management from Boise State University in 2012 and an MDiv in Global Studies from Liberty University School of Divinity in 2016. He previously taught at the College of Western Idaho for four years. Most recently, he taught Greek I at The Ambrose School in  2017-2018 and currently is their 10th Grade Humanities. A major focus of study for him in Divinity school was how the New Testament authors, specifically Paul, were partially influenced by Greco-Roman philosophers, literature, and rhetoric. As such, he is able to teach his students about the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers and literature from a biblical perspective. This works well for 10th Grade Humanities as the main question they focus on for the year is, “How did God prepare the world for the coming of the Christ?” They answer that question in every Greco-Roman work they cover. He is happily married to his wife Jorie, and they have two children: Grady and Ainsley.


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