How Persecuted Schools Inspire and Motivate Us ~ “John Smith” (from China)

The headlines tell stories of persecution of Christians in China. As we pray for them, how do we help our students in the United States and elsewhere meet and overcome the challenges right where they are in the classical Christian classroom and in the world? Our guest today, “John Smith”, speaking under his alias name, shares stories from the field and how the lessons in China can inspire parents, teachers and students. You will be encouraged by John Smith’s faith and vision for us regardless of what part of the world you are in…

John SmithJohn Smith* has worked as a missionary in China for more than eight years. After church planting among Chinese Muslims for a season, he was called to help lay the foundations of classical Christian education in China. He currently teaches at China’s only classical Christian college and helps to train classical Christian educators from all over China through the Association of Chinese Classical Christian Schools (ACCCS). Throughout the course of his work, he has witnessed the growing persecution against the church by the Chinese government. At the end of last year, Chinese authorities seized the church and college where he serves and arrested more than 300 church members, including most of his students and colleagues—some of whom remain in prison.

*name changed for security reasons