Arguing with Grandma: Using Logic Wisely — Brian Daigle

Classically-educated teens are trained to argue logically…but do they also know how to use the gift of logic wisely and appropriately? If not, then we are raising mechanistic citizens who only want to win arguments and slay dragons. Brian Daigle, author of Street-fighting Logic, shares practical advice from his book that shows educators, parents and kids how to maturely apply the tools of logic. Often not included in logic curriculum, these methods are a gamechanger for rounding out the logic and rhetoric stages. Children are going to argue, so teach them how to argue well!


logicBrian Daigle is the Headmaster and co-founder of Sequitur Classical Academy, President and author of Mud House Art and Literature, and Director and Professor at The Classical College. A graduate of University of Louisiana-Lafayette and The University of Dallas, Brian has published several books on education, culture, literature, and parenting, include Street-fighting Logic: The Art of Arguing with Grandmothers and Coffeeshop Philosophers, The Road Home: A Guide to Reading Augustine’s Confessions, and So You Want to Start A School? Brian is the general editor of the G.K. Chesterton Signature Series and is the rector at Christ Redeemer Anglican Church, a parish church in the Anglican Church of North America. Brian lives in Baton Rouge with his wife Lauren and their three children.