Mad Scientists! (It’s Bigger Than STEM)

In April 2017, the March for Science rally in 600 cities around the world touted science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity. In a world of technology and the pressure to stay competitive with Asian schools and businesses, there is an increasing pressure on teaching science well. But is all science education the same? Is there a point where it is best to put down the science textbooks and actually become a better scientist, technologist and engineer in today’s competitive market?

Ken Hosier holds a B.S. in Biology, and minors in Chemistry and Zoology, plus an M.A. in Teaching. Ken started out working as an organic chemist before beginning his teaching career in 2005.

Ken’s philosophy of teaching is that students are unique individuals who will learn in a variety of ways. The goal of a teacher should be to create lifelong learners who pursue the truth of Christ with vigor and passion. Ken is dedicated to teaching students how to think logically and actually apply their knowledge rather than just simply regurgitate facts.

Ken is married to his beautiful wife, Jen, and is daddy to Kaelyn and Evan.

Tim Anstine moved to San Diego and attended Point Loma Nazarene University for four years. Upon graduation from Point Loma with Bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and biology, he moved to Reno, Nevada to attend graduate school under the guidance of David A. Lightner at the University of Nevada in organic chemistry. After completion of a doctorate in 1995, Tim accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in photo-organic chemistry under the guidance of William G. Dauben at the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!).

After the completion of a fellowship, he joined a small company in Menlo Park, California by the name Neurex Corporation. While working as a Medicinal Chemist for Neurex, Tim worked with a team of scientists on a novel pain drug called SNX-111. This drug was actually quite remarkable in that it is 100-1000 times more powerful than morphine, without many of the associated side effects. Neurex was purchased by Elan Pharmaceuticals and shortly after he left biotech to pursue his current career in academia. Anstine has been Chair of the Chemistry Department at Northwest Nazarene University since 1999.