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Our podcast features top thought leaders, culture observers, and educational experts who intimately understand the hurdles you may face on this uphill climb. They equip you with the essential tools needed to reach the summit and raise the next generation of exceptionally prepared, compassionate, and thoughtful individuals.

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Mastering Study Skills: Essentials for Every Student with Susan Ison

Episode Summary: Ever told a child to go to their room and do their homework and study? It assumes they know how to study on their own. In this episode of BaseCamp Live Davies Owens and Susan Ison discuss the importance of study skills...

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From Caregiver to Consultant: Transforming Parent-Child Relationships with Mack Ogren

Episode Summary: In this episode of BaseCamp Live Davies Owens and Mack Ogren explore the various stages of parenting. Mack has spent several decades working with JH Ranch, where he has worked with thousands of parents and students providing this helpful framework. They discuss...

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Beyond Digital Natives: Fostering Depth in the Classroom w/ Dr. David Diener

Episode Summary: In this episode of BaseCamp Live, Davies and Dr. David Diener discuss how technology has changed education and why classical education is important for this cultural moment. Dr. Diener emphasizes that classical education plays a crucial role in fostering critical thinking and...

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ScreenSmart: Fostering Healthy Digital Habits for Kids with Keith McCurdy (Live Sturdy #4)

Episode Summary In episode four of Live Sturdy Conversations, Davies and Keith dig into the topic of technology’s overwhelming influence on both parenting and education. Keith clarifies that he supports technology but emphasizes the need to be discerning in its use, challenging myths about...

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Breaking the Mold: Addressing Toxic Masculinity for Our Boys with Nancy Pearcey

Episode Summary In this episode of BaseCamp Live, host Davies Owens engages in a thought-provoking conversation with bestselling author and scholar Nancy Pearcey about her latest book, The Toxic War on Masculinity: How Christianity Reconciles the Sexes. Pearcey, a respected figure in evangelical circles,...

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Raising Students With Gritty Work Ethics with Tami Peterson

Episode Summary: Join us for an enlightening conversation with Tami Peterson, Founder and CEO of Life Architects, a renowned career coaching and consulting group. Host Davies Owens delves into instilling a solid work ethic in today’s youth, exploring the challenges and solutions in partnership...

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Our Host

Davies Owens | Founder and Host

Davies Owens

Davies Owens is a seasoned speaker, teacher, and entrepreneur, boasting over three decades of experience engaging with school leaders, parents, and students. With a primary goal of fostering confidence and clarity in education, he brings a wealth of expertise in classical Christian school leadership, honing proven strategies to help institutions thrive.

From hosting a Christian radio show during his undergraduate years to spearheading the BaseCamp Live podcast, Davies has a passion for leading from behind the microphone, sparking conversations, and inspiring intentional action. His journey, enriched by a master’s degree from Duke Divinity School and a doctorate from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, has seen him innovate online communities and speak globally on media and technology.

Having served in various roles in local church ministry and school leadership, Davies recognizes the profound impact of education in shaping the next generation. As the host of BaseCamp Live, he tirelessly advocates for classical Christian education’s accessibility, frequently speaking at conferences and engaging with educational institutions nationwide. Alongside his wife and children, Davies actively supports philanthropic efforts, demonstrating his commitment to mentoring youth and fostering community engagement.

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