How to Raise Physically Literate Children ~ Jenny Crockett

Did Aristotle do pushups? Or was he a couch potato who only did mental calisthenics? Jenny Crockett says that the Greeks highly valued physical exercise and spent more than 50% of their time on physical activity. Unlike those mental and physical giants, modern students lag far behind and often sacrifice form for speed. Crockett challenges schools and parents to raise children who are “physically literate.” Packed full of practical advice, helpful links and inspiration, this episode will give you a framework for making physical education intentional in your school and home.

physically literateJenny Crockett is currently serving in her eighth year at Highland Rim Academy (HRA) in Cookeville, TN. She began as a marketing/development director and has moved into other roles teaching earth science, physical science and physical education in the Upper School. As a coach for the middle school girls’ basketball team, Jenny has a passion for health and fitness and has been teaching upper school PE for seven years. She also teaches spin and FitX/Bootcamp classes at the local YMCA. Jenny has a Bachelor of Science in environmental agriscience and an MBA from Tennessee Tech University. Her desire to teach PE in a more classical fashion led her to develop methods based on historical models. She and her husband, Darrin, have three daughters at HRA, and are passionate about promoting the value of classical Christian education.