What You Need to Know About School Accreditation and Certification

In this episode we look at how you can be sure that the school your child is attending is accredited and up to standards. And what about teachers – are they qualified and certified by some external agency to ensure a consistent excellent teaching environment for your child? But who sets the standards? Being “state certified” sounds great, but what if there is an even better standard? The good news for students in classical Christian schools includes the growing attitude towards classically educated students as they apply and transfer into colleges and universities. Guest David Goodwin is uniquely qualified to discuss this issue as the president of the ACCS and as one who has personally visited more than 60 schools nationally. He shares helpful insights as to the state of accreditation and certification nationally.

accreditationDavid Goodwin is President of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS). Mr. Goodwin was the headmaster of The Ambrose School, a classical Christian school in Boise, ID from 2003 through 2014. He served on the ACCS board as an elected member from 2010 to 2014, and helped develop the strategic plan for the ACCS. He has been the full-time President of the ACCS since 2015. Prior to his work in classical Christian education, Mr. Goodwin spent 13 years in marketing and new business development for a large computer products manufacturer. He holds an MBA and BIS from Boise State University. He and his wife, Stormy, work as a team on many ACCS projects and attend All Saints Presbyterian Church in Boise, Idaho. They have three children who attend The Ambrose School.