chris mckenna

Chris McKenna on Why Parental Controls Don’t Work

Does your family have Digital Trust? How does Digital Trust help a family deal with pornography, YouTube, TikTok, or gaming? Good questions, and we’ll answer them. No parental control software can completely protect your child from online harm. And parental controls never replace the need for parents or teachers, for that matter. After over 1,100…

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ENCORE: Tech Monsters In Our Kids’ Pockets…What Parents Can Do To Protect Kids ~ Chris McKenna

This critical episode was originally aired in March of this year. The battle continues…What are technology’s latest sneaky maneuvers to get to our kids? How do parents combat the bad while accepting the good? Like Cyclops, the one-eyed giant who battled Odysseus, technology is the stranger in our midst attempting to get a grip on…

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What is on my kid’s phone?

Today younger and younger aged children carry with them a one-eyed Cyclops screen monster, called a “smart phone” that can immediately connect a young person not only to their parents and positive resources, but in the swipe of a finger to some of the darkest and most addicting dangers ever presented in the history of…

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