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Classical Science as an Alternative to STEM with Jim Dolas

Unlock the secret strengths of a classical Christian education as it intersects with STEM, a narrative brought to life by my guest, Jim Dolas of Heritage Preparatory School. Prepare to be astounded by how this traditional educational model excels in fostering a profound understanding of math and sciences, proving that the humanities and technical fields…

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Prepared for A Real Job?…A Data Analyst Weighs In On Liberal Arts Degrees ~ Rob Sentz

For juniors and seniors at classical Christian schools, one of their most pressing questions is, “Where am I going to college?” And not far behind, “Should I continue in the liberal arts or focus on a different path?” Rob Sentz, Chief Innovation Officer at Emsi, a labor analytics company, reports on a recent in-depth study…

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Four years that stick with you for life

What questions should you be considering when evaluating colleges today? What are some of the myths and realities surrounding degrees and careers and where those lead? What kinds of skills should your child learn in four years that will really stick with them and push them toward leadership positions? College president Ben Merkle helps answer…

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