The Blurring Between School and Home… The New Continuum ~ Marlin Detweiler

The Pandemic has challenged our idea that we have only two choices: homeschool or brick and mortar. The blurring of the lines means more choices. But what is the parent’s responsibility and what is the school’s, especially when every family is different with varying needs? Marlin Detweiler, Executive Director of Veritas Press, encourages parents to…

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Going The Distance! PART 4: Building A Pandemic-Proof Marriage ~ Keith McCurdy

Someone once said, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” But Keith McCurdy believes it’s the marriage, not mama, that we need to be concerned about. In fact, McCurdy shows how a family’s greatest tool to navigate the Pandemic is marriage. But what if your relationship isn’t as strong as it could be? And this…

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Surviving The Pandemic At Home with Kids: 5 Tips To Avoid Chaos ~ Keith McCurdy

As schools lock their doors and families stay home together, parents are asking urgent questions: How do we survive in this world turned upside down due to Covid-19? How do we make the most of it? And how do we help our children not fear what is going on? Counselor Keith McCurdy shares his top five tips…

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