The Blurring Between School and Home… The New Continuum ~ Marlin Detweiler

The Pandemic has challenged our idea that we have only two choices: homeschool or brick and mortar. The blurring of the lines means more choices. But what is the parent’s responsibility and what is the school’s, especially when every family is different with varying needs? Marlin Detweiler, Executive Director of Veritas Press, encourages parents to figure out where they are on the new continuum…and yet keep their authority whether or not there is a crisis. Listen in to hear his predictions for what the future holds for classical Christian education after the Pandemic.

Marlin has been a leader in the effort to recover classical education from a Christian worldview since 1992. Together with his wife, Laurie, he was instrumental in the foundation of three classical schools: Veritas Scholars Academy an online school based in Lancaster, PA (2006); Veritas Academy, Leola, PA (1996); and The Geneva School, Orlando, FL (1993).

He serves as the president and founder of Veritas Press which provides classical educational materials worldwide for homeschools and Christian schools and operates Veritas Scholars Academy, an online school with more than 10,000 students. He has spoken in dozens of cities on classical education in both school and conference settings. He served on the National Board of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools as a founding board member for 22 years and served as its initial chairman for two years.

Marlin has written, edited, published and participated in the creative process for many of the leading curricular works serving the classical education communities. He has a B.A. in Business Management from North Carolina State University where he played on the university golf team.