Controlling Chaos in the Home (Live Sturdy #3)

Ever feel like you’re juggling too many balls, only to realize they’re actually flaming torches? You’re not alone; we all face the pandemonium of modern life, particularly in our homes and schools. In this episode, Davies Owens sits down with the insightful Keith McCurdy to share experiences and offer tangible strategies to those grappling with…

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Raising Mature Kids with Keith McCurdy (Live Sturdy #1)

Unravel the profound secrets of nurturing a mature and responsible young generation in our enlightening conversation with Christian counselor, Keith McCurdy. This podcast is set to equip you with valuable insights and solutions to tackle the challenges parents and teachers face daily, especially during stressful times. Together, we delve into how we can provide ample…

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Teaching Kids To Roll With The Changes… As School Reopens ~ Keith McCurdy

Which age groups are having the toughest time as school reopens this side of the pandemic? Keith McCurdy is back to address what all students are most worried about and how should parents and teachers respond. In this timely episode, Keith suggests strategies to help kids lean in, understand their new environments, and roll with…

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