The Two Most Important Scientific Discoveries To Teach Students ~ Dr. Mark Phillips

Dr. Mark Phillips has been on a lifelong journey to the science classroom. From Vanderbilt to Oxford, from comedy clubs with Steve Martin to Classical Christian Education, he has pursued God’s calling. Listen in to hear him describe the two scientific discoveries that he believes should be taught to every student in classical Christian schools. You also don’t want to miss his amazing conversion story!

Mark PhillipsDr. Mark Phillips serves as the Chair of Upper School Theology and Science at Trinity Classical Academy in Valencia, CA. He holds degrees in both science and theology (B.S., Th.M., Ph.D., G.D.Th.). He became a believer through the science of cosmology and genetic informational systems while doing biomedical research at Vanderbilt University as an animal surgeon and analytical biochemist. He experienced an amazing 2-year sabbatical from the lab to join a comedy tour after winning the National Steve Martin Comedy Contest. He also has a background in ministry in the local church and as an educational missionary in Christian scientific apologetic presentations, including formal classroom education in secondary schools and seminaries in the UK, Africa, India, and Venezuela. Between semesters while studying at Oxford University in England, Dr. Phillip spoke at churches and the Oxford Union Debate Hall. After one of his lectures, he was approached to write an autobiography of his conversion to Christianity through the historic, textual, and scientific evidence. It was published in all the commonwealth nations. He recently completed a 3-part scientific apologetic blog series for Master’s Seminary.