Vocational Discipleship w/ Tami Peterson

There is no doubt classical Christian students are “real world ready” – academically and generally prepared to make wise decisions in a wobbly world. But even the best educated classic Christian students are teenagers who are still discovering how God has uniquely called, equipped and gifted them in their lives. Their big decision moving forward is how to make good choices about college, their major and ultimately their vocation in leading lives that glorify God through their gifts. My guest today has worked with thousands of Christian students in helping them discover their hard wired aptitudes and skills and guiding them, their parents, and their schools to discern these many decisions that have to be made for life after 12th grade graduation. Join us for this episode of Basecamp Live as our guest discusses how we can help guide our students in a life well-lived.

Show Notes:
ACCU – https://americaschristiancu.com/personal/

Life Architects – https://www.lifearchitectscoaching.com/



Biography: Tami Peterson

I’m the founder and CEO of Life Architects, a career coaching and consulting group that partners with students, parents, schools, and faith organizations to design pathways to meaningful work. I have an undergraduate degree in Christian Education from Ozark Christian College and an M.A. in Leadership, Theology, and Society from Regent College. I’ve held many roles within the classical Christian education field, including logic school English teacher, logic and rhetoric school Bible teacher,  librarian, admissions director, and director of college advising, so I can certainly identify with the challenges facing Christian educators today. I’m a regular speaker and presenter to groups of all sizes, and you can hear an example of my podcast experience here, on Leah Farish’s Conversation Balloons.