Why your student should go to a classical Christian high school

A child today will spend some 16,000 hours in school between Kindergarten and their graduation. How should that time be spent to prepare a child for the “real world?” Learning the latest greatest technology that will be obsolete by graduation only sets them up to fail and to misunderstand what skills are truly necessary for life. The world is changing so fast that a student must learn how to be nimble and resilient or they will get left behind.
Bobbie Post transitioned over a decade ago from a public school teaching environment to a classical Christian school. Her passion is making sure students are ready for the “real world.” How does she do this? By training the affections. By training students to love the truth, goodness, and beauty found in Math, Grammar, Poetry, Sciences, and more, they learn to order the affections where God is firmly on top. With affections in the right order, a student will be able to accept or reject new ideas that will be thrown at them once they have stepped out in that “real world.”
Christian schools are often characterized as being too sheltering. Bobbie has found the opposite to be true. These days, political correctness in public schools has lead to students being unable to discuss anything! Classical Christian school kids can talk about anything and explore ideas from all generations and learn how to order those ideas based on how it compares to Scripture.  At the end of those 16,000 hours, your “sheltered” student will actually be far more prepared to deal with the attitudes and ideas they will confront beyond these walls than most young people.
You can learn technology anytime and anywhere. But how will your student learn to make a moral decision? Will it be based on the latest political movement or rightly ordered affections?