Worldview isn’t Enough – Peter Vande Brake

It has been said that, “the purpose of education is not thinking; it is acting. It is not just knowing what to do; it is doing it.” 

This means that worldview training, getting the right answers to the big questions in life, is in and of itself not enough since we are more likely to be directed by our longings and loves than our thoughts. We are tackling this topic and more with my guest Dr. Peter Vande Brake on this episode of BaseCamp Live.

Dr. Peter Vande Brake grew up in Georgia and Tennessee but attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI where he majored in philosophy and was a 4-time All-American decathlete. He went to seminary at Union Seminary in Richmond, Virginia and then did his doctoral work at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids obtaining a Ph.D. in systematic theology in 2000. He completed the Van Lunen Fellows Program for Executive Leadership in July of 2009. He taught, coached, and administered at North Hills Classical Academy from 1996-2010 and served as the headmaster there beginning in 1998. He is a leadership consultant for the CiRCE Institute and is working in the Mentorship Program at The Potter’s House School in Grand Rapids, MI. He is married and has two daughters.