Under 18: Barna Researcher Shares the Latest Findings on Gen Z

Brooke Hempell is the VP of Research for the Barna Group. Their latest research (due out in January 2018) examines the “Gen Z” generation now in K-12 schools. This generation was born after the Millennials and is a large, diverse and misunderstood population. Brooke presents the latest findings and comments on the impact and opportunities parents and mentors have to shepherd this unique generation.

Brooke and her husband made a deliberate decision to put their children into a classical Christian school. Listen now to find out why…

THE BACK SIDE: Want to hear more? Continue the conversation with Brooke and Davies as they look at the characteristics of Gen Z and how both culture and parenting style has influenced the way they think.



Brooke Hempell

Barna Group’s senior vice president, research, Brooke Hempell, has been a market research advisor for nearly 15 years, designing both qualitative and quantitative research to guide clients in new product development and positioning, brand portfolio strategy, communications planning, and sales and marketing effectiveness.

Prior to joining Barna in 2015, Brooke worked with Boston-based MaPS (Marketing and Planning Systems), HawkPartners, and London-based i-to-i research, a subsidiary of Publicis Groupe. She has served Fortune 100 clients in a range of industries, primarily pharmaceuticals, financial services, nonprofit, and retail, in the U.S. and globally.

Brooke earned her B.S. in Business Administration, Marketing, from Cornell University. She is active in church-planting and racial reconciliation ministries and lives in Atlanta, GA.