Gen Z

Navigating Cultural Pivots for the Next Generation w/ Chap Clark

Dr. Chap Clark, a professor of practical theology and youth, family, and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary, offers an encouraging gospel-centered hope to help young people navigate the modern world. Drawing on his extensive experience, Dr. Clark emphasizes the importance of nurturing and healing, the use of different avatars, and engaging life faithfully with Jesus….

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What do parents of engaged Christian teens do differently?

Barna’s VP of Research, Brooke Hempell, reveals the latest research on Gen Z’ers that shows a specific habit and rhythm among parents of engaged Christian teens that will encourage you to do the same. Generation Z (the oldest are beginning college) is the first generation to grow up completely immersed in the iphone world which…

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Under 18: Barna Researcher Shares the Latest Findings on Gen Z

Brooke Hempell is the VP of Research for the Barna Group. Their latest research (due out in January 2018) examines the “Gen Z” generation now in K-12 schools. This generation was born after the Millennials and is a large, diverse and misunderstood population. Brooke presents the latest findings and comments on the impact and opportunities…

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